• Are you missing a team player?

    Or wanting a specialist?

  • what we do

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  • who sells us

    Do your contacts a good turn and recommend them to us. We send a small token your way when they gain a new job through us.

    Most of our clients come from referrals. Our work is our namecard. Can your contacts benefit from our service?

  • who helps us

    You are a single contributor. Have a history of good closures and met fulfilment quota.

    Come work with us. Whether your skills are in matchmaking, spying, detecting or investigating, we can use them. Send us your CV stating your intention and why you think you will be successful with us.

    You run a recruitment house as a business owner. Are a team player. And see your contribution as being a business owner of a team.

    The franchisee program is for you. We use it as a progression for our recruiters.

    After 11 years of growth in Singapore, we are actively looking at expansion into the other major cities in Asia. And are open to:

    • merger & acquisition
    • project funding

    Please indicate to us, your interest. We will be happy to discuss with you.